Cultivation info for hobby mushroom growers

There are many simple ways you can grow your own mushrooms. Here is a few tips on how to use some of the products offered in our web shop.

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Note for cultures and grain spawn items:
When handling these products, certain hygiene and cleanliness protocols must be followed.
We do not recommend this medium if you are a beginner mushroom grower.


Wood plugs are an easy solution for everyone who wants to grow mushrooms on their own wooden logs.

What kind of logs do I need?

Size: 1-1.5 m long with 10-20 cm diameter. If the logs are wider and longer than this, totem log method is recommended for inoculation.

It is recommended to cut logs in late winter or early spring as the tree has to be in its dormant phase. Logs should be stored 2-4 weeks prior inoculation, properly stacked and protected from the sun and strong wind.  

Don’t worry if they get covered with snow, it will keep them protected and wet. 

How to know if your logs have adequate moisture content?

The simplest way of knowing how much water your log contains is by looking at its intersection and evaluating the thickness of the cracks. The log should ideally have a few hairline cracks sot that mycelium has space to grow towards the center.

If the cracks are large and go all the way to the bark, your logs are to dry and the mycelium will also dry out. If this is the case, soak the logs in water for 24-48h and let them dry for another 24h before inoculating with mycelium. 

You can also check the moisture content by drilling a hole to the center of the log:

If the sawdust coming out of the hole is sticky and holds together, the log has enough water content. 

If the sawdust coming out of the hole is dry and easily falls out, the log is too dry.

You will need:

Once you have all the tools, inoculating procedure is very simple:

  1. Drill the holes in a diamond pattern 10-15cm away from each other.
  2. Hammer the wood plugs into the holes or fill the holes with sawdust spawn.
  3. Finish with a wax seal over the opened part of the plug or spawn to prevent mycelium from drying out.

After the inoculation, stack your logs and keep them in a shaded area covered and protected from the wind in order for them to fruit. 6 months is the average time needed for mycelium to colonize completely. Keep in mind that fruiting times vary depending on the weather conditions and mushroom species. 

Totem log inoculation method:

This method is applied when you have logs up to 35 cm in diameter which are to heavy and unpractical for handling. 

You will need:

  • A chain saw
  • Sawdust spawn
  • A paper/plastic bag or sheet big enough to cover the whole log
  1. Cut the log in slices 15-45 cm thick. Also cut one slice cc 7 cm thick to use as a top lid.  
  2. Brake down sawdust spawn into smaller pieces.
  3. Take a paper/plastic bag and start assembling the totem log inside the bag as you would make a layered cake. Start with a finger thick layer of sawdust on the bottom and put a slice of log on top of it. Repeat the process until you finish with the thinnest slice of wood.
  4. If you are using a paper bag, just close the bag and tie it shut. If you are using a plastic bag: before closing the bag, cover the top slice of wood completely with a wet piece of paper. While closing the plastic bag, don’t shut it completely, but leave it a bit opened (1-3 cm opening). Otherwise, the mycelium will suffocate. 
  1. Put the totem log in a shady and protected place.

Depending on the weather conditions and mushroom species, incubation time is from 3-6 months. You can inspect the totems every once in a while and if they are white and fluffy with mycelium. If yes, that means that they are ready for fruiting

In that case, remove the bag and wait for the mushrooms to start sprouting.