7 reasons you should grow your own mushrooms

If you are motivated and interested in growing mushrooms, you are already halfway there. Give it a go, you will find it rewarding in many ways.

1. One of a kind experience

Mushroom growing is a one of a kind, fun and useful experience. Once you’ve grown your own mushrooms, you learn that they are truly unique organisms.

2. You will learn how to produce your own food

By growing mushrooms, you will learn how to produce a meal for yourself. Producing our own food is an important skill and it makes us feel useful and appreciative. That fact also makes us enjoy its taste even more.

3. Health benefits

Mushrooms are packed with flavor (especially umami), vitamins, minerals and well known immunity boosting fibers – beta glucans. Also, mushrooms which grow in the natural sunlight, contain extra high doses of vitamin D. By eating this type of food, not only are you doing good for your health, you also know where your food comes from. Knowing that it doesn’t contain any pesticides and/or other chemicals, you can enjoy it even more!

4. You get the freshest produce

The mushroom taste and nutritional  value highly depend on the “field to table” transportation time. When you are the grower, the time that passes from the picking to your cooking pot is minimal. You will be surprised by the taste and texture difference between store bought and home grown mushrooms.

5. You are being helpful to the ecosystem

By growing fungi in your garden, you are not only nourishing yourself, but also the surrounding biological communities. Some mushrooms are known for their protective, symbiotic effect on plants (Stropharia rugosoannulata), some for their soil purifying abilities (Pleurotus ostreatus), while literally any spent  mushroom substrate makes a strong soil fertilizer.

6. Mushroom growing is creative

Mushroom fruiting bodies come in many shapes, sizes and visually appealing colours. Implementing them into gardens and living spaces makes a calming and satisfying effect on people and also triggers creativity, especially among children.

7. Hobby mushroom growing makes a perfect passive income

If you find yourself enjoying growing mushrooms and have some extra space, you can always sell the extra produce and make some money. Small scale growing with the proper technique, results in higher quality fruiting bodies which are always in high demand on farmer’s markets.

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